Harry Potter Music Box | 50% Discount | Avail Offer

This Harry Potter themed musical box is made from cardboard, painted and lined with the harry potter themed paper. This adorably cute looking small musical box will be a perfect gift for anyone who loves Harry Potter movie series. The theme of the music in this musical box is Hedwig theme. This music box requires a continuous winding for listening to the music as it is has a hand-cranked musical function.

Wooden and handmade musical box engraved beautifully with Harry Potter theme you cannot resist to buy it as a gift or for yourself. This will be an absolute favorite for all the Harry Potter movie fans. You can use it for your home decoration too. The wind-up technology in it is so cool that you want to play it even all day long. The theme of the music is Hedwig.

A delightful hand crafted Harry Potter themed music box engraved with a beautiful design can be an adorable secret gift for someone who loves Harry Potter the most. This music box has a pivoting design so that you can enjoy the view of the mechanism while winding up the music box. This box is made from a superior quality birch wood to give it a long lasting life.

US 90s kids have a special relationship with Harry Potter, it’s maybe because we kind of grew up reading the series, or just by watching the movies year after year. It’s something about that magical place called Hogwarts that draws us to harry potter. A place full of magical creatures and beings from our wildest dreams, it’s a place where as a kid we would wish we could be. The entire Harry Potter series was so beautifully scripted that it was able to blur the line between reality and fiction, at least for the time when we were kids though. It somehow made us believe, that a place like that could exist, and there was a secret gateway to it. Maybe that’s why we would always look for the platform no.9 3/4th.

Everything about Harry potter would fascinate us, each one of us would be able to relate with each one of their characters. We were able to connect with each one of them and most of all we would be able to put ourselves in their shoes. What we would not do just to be there, be a part of it. Just the music alone would take us to that magical place.

What if there was something that would let us grown up kids cling on to our childhood fantasies. A harry potter musical box for instance.

If you are a sucker for harry potter like most 90s kids are, then this musical box is for you or for your loved ones. Made by Esdemusica, the harry potter music box is a round music box made up of cardboard. It’s a traditional hand cranked musical box which will easily fit in your palm, measuring at 5cm wide, 5cm height, and 7cm in length. It’s a perfect nostalgic gift for any Harry Potter fans out there.

It’s a perfect little device sure to awe you. It is basically a hand cranked musical instrument which a musical cylinder inside. The cylinder rotates as you crank the lever, thus playing the harry potter tune we all come to know and love.

What makes this musical box special is that it takes us back to our childhood days, back to that world of dragons and unicorns, where waving a wand was just another day at school. It’s not just the tune it plays, but the overall clockwork is something you can play with the entire day.


 Product Details:

Width 5 cm
Height 5 cm
Length 7 cm
Weight supported 3.36 ounces
Color  Wooden
Material  Ply Wood
Tune Harry Potter Theme
Finish oak stain